Volleyball Kodiaks Show That Scores Aren't Everything


Story by: Erin Fisher

Although the weekend results weren’t in favour of the Lethbridge College Kodiaks women’s volleyball team, their exceptional quality of play was definite.

 “Obviously Medicine Hat has a proven record as they are a very strong, capable, and extremely well coached team committed to being successful. We had a big challenge this weekend and tried to prepare the best we could for what we were going to face,” said Scott Gilbert.

The women started Saturday’s match off strong with unwavering determination but Medicine Hat won all three sets.

“We started off very strong and energetic, executing perfectly and played very well defensively,” said Gilbert.

“Medicine Hat stayed the course and held up to the pressure we were putting on them and just fought back in the match.”

“They [Medicine Hat] continued to chip away and chip away and were able to win that first set. Also being able to make adjustments to our defence and their overall consistency and incredible defence is what allowed them to get the victory.”

Friday’s match was packed with action and resulted in a close score for all three sets but the women couldn’t pull ahead.

“Our big challenge was consistency. Medicine Hat had better consistency with ball contact and play which gave them that edge needed to ensure that success,” said Gilbert.

Even though the Kodiaks didn’t come away from the weekend with any wins, spectators could see the team was playing very well.

“I don’t think we were making a lot of mistakes. We did make some and again it comes back to consistency. Us making two or three mistakes compared to Medicine Hat making one, that makes the difference and it cost us points,” said Gilbert.

With the Kodiaks up against such a strong team you would think intimidation might play a factor, but that was not the case.

``We were very confident. Something I ask and expect of the team is to have respect for opponents. There was never a sense that we were intimidated,” said Gilbert.

“We respected them for being solid athletes and just had to play our best.”

The Kodiaks were very competitive with 39 digs on Saturday and Medicine Hat with 36. Medicine Hat had only two more kills than Lethbridge during the game.

“It was very indicative that we were much more competitive than the score showed. The team can be proud and have confidence in those stats,” said Gilbert.

The women have no more scheduled games for 2011 but will be hosting Briercrest on January 6th and 7th.