Thirty-three Kodiaks student-athletes named CCAA National Scholars

July 12, 2017 – Truly putting the “student” in student-athlete, a total of 33 Lethbridge College Kodiaks have been named CCAA National Scholars.

To qualify for the honour, students need to achieve a GPA of at least 3.3 while performing as an athlete in an official college sport.

“The demands that student-athletes face every season are tough,” says Todd Caughlin, manager of Kodiaks Athletics. “Finding the balance to do homework, attend classes, go to practice, travel to compete and everything else involved in both athletics and academics can stretch a student-athlete thin. So to have 33 of our student-athletes earn such an amazing recognition says a ton about the culture and dedication that our Kodiaks show year in and year out.”

Every Kodiaks team had at least three athletes achieve National Scholar honours. Proving that athletic excellence and academic success can go hand-in-hand, the undefeated CCAA national champion women’s basketball team led all Kodiaks teams with eight players named National Scholars. Women’s volleyball was close behind with seven, followed by cross country with six.

Kodiaks Athletics operates in accordance with its three key pillars: academic accountability, athletic excellence and the student-athletes experience.

“I’m very proud of what this group has accomplished and how they represent the pride of Lethbridge College on their chests every weekend,” says Caughlin.

Kodiaks 2017 National Scholars

Cross country running

·       Kayla Enders, General Studies


·       Dina Iatrou, Nursing


·       Dana Jackson, Nursing


·       Dayton Jans, Multimedia Production


·       Carlos Mena, General Studies


·       Emily Spencer, Nursing


Men’s basketball


·       Keanu Funa, Business Administration - Accounting


·       Keaton Josuttes, General Studies


·       Chris Maughan, Business Administration - Management


Men’s soccer


·       Nathan Burton, Massage Therapy


·       John Taleon, Business Administration


·       Kohl Wandyka, Fashion Design and Sustainable Production


Men’s volleyball


·       Tony Albizzati, Business Adminstration


·       Matthew Primrose, General Studies


·       Zach Wickenheiser, General Studies


Women’s basketball


·       Amy Arbon, General Studies


·       Leah Ekubazgi, General Studies


·       Jaclyn Heggie, General Studies

·       Jinan Daqqa, General Studies


·       Emma Lowry, Massage Therapy


·       Rebecca Lowry, General Studies


·       Shantaya Strebel, General Studies


·       Sunder West, General Studies


Women’s soccer



·       Jillian Delgado, Business Administration


·       Madison Folk, Nursing


·       Lyndee Saler, Exercise Science


Women’s volleyball


·       Rhiece Cordes, General Studies


·       Sara Gillis, Massage Therapy


·       Lindsay Glas, Business Administration - Accounting


·       Carlee Kolibar, General Studies


·       Carmen Nadeau, General Studies


·       Laura Serafini, Business Adminstration


·       Kristine Ward, Massage Therapy