Men's Basketball team have one shot left to make playoffs

Story by: Erin Fisher

The men’s basketball team played a solid game against Concordia on Friday night but couldn’t grab a weekend win.

The game started off evenly matched with both ends of the court seeing action. By the end of the first quarter the Kodiaks were up 14-9.

In the second quarter both teams played an intense game and went into halftime with a score of 33-32 in favour of Concordia.

“Halftime we’re down by one, we stayed with the fourth place team in the North for half a game,” said head coach Ryan Heggie.

The score was still in favour of Concordia by the end of the third quarter as they were ahead of the Kodiaks by five points.

“We did okay in the third quarter. Defensively we chased the ball too much. In our half court and our zone defence we get caught chasing the ball and leaving our positions that we’re supposed to be in and they get too many wide open looks. They’re too good of a team to give open shots to,” said Heggie.

In the fourth quarter the Kodiaks fought hard but couldn’t grasp the win from Concordia. The game ended with a score of 87-74.

“We scored 74 point which is ten below our average I think, but we didn’t give up a 100,” laughed Heggie

“I’m not really happy with the defence when we give up 87... that’s still too much when you only score 74.”

Dario Pasquotti took home the ACAC player of the game award for the Kodiaks.

“Personally I didn’t do enough, obviously, we lost by 13. It was one of my better games coming over from UofL so I’m just trying to look up, look forward to next games, and hopefully we can make some playoffs,” said guard Dario Pasquotti.

“There was a lot of miscommunication on defence which isn’t our coach’s fault at all, it’s on us, we just weren’t talking. They were hitting open threes which they did capitalize on but they got hot, it’s hard to start coming from behind especially in the fourth quarter. It’s tough to come back from.”

Overall Heggie was pleased with his team’s performance but suggested they need to trust each other more.

“I’m always happy with my team’s effort because they’ve worked hard from day one and I can’t fault them on their effort. We just have to execute. A lot of basketball is effort but a lot is execution, making things work, running the plays and keeping the ball moving, helping each other and trusting each other on defence. We’ve got to trust each other more,” said Heggie.

The biggest competition for the Kodiak’s was a few of Concordia’s team members.

“The biggest competition was 22[Ethan Sir] and 15[Milos Prijovic], they were their main gunners as well as the team’s ball movement with their guards. Their guards move the ball really well, they pass it well, they penetrate and they never stop moving, which is something we try to do but we’re still learning,” said Heggie.

“We’re all first year players. They’ve got fourth and fifth year players and they’ve played together a long time. I think we’re putting up a hell of a battle, I really do. I’m really proud of the guys because we fight to the finish. However we’ve got to stop making the same defensive mistakes because we need to win to get in playoffs next week,” said Heggie.

The men have one more division game next weekend against Augustana. If the men don’t win they won’t make the playoffs.

“Win or go home. We’re hoping for a big one. We’re away in Camrose at Augustana so we’re just trying to battle. I just wanna win, I wanna make playoffs. That’s why I came here,” said Pasquotti.

In order to prepare for the game against Augustana the men need to work on their defence.

“We need to fix our defensive rotations and we need to win, we just need to win a game, we’ve lost three in a row now and we’re 6-4 overall in the semester which is good. I’m proud of the guys for that but bottom line - we need to fix things in our defence and our offence and if we go up there to Augustana and play together as a team offensively and defensively good things will happen for us,” said Heggie.