Basketball Kodiaks battle with Concordia

Story by: Erin Fisher

The women’s basketball team couldn’t put enough points on the board to win their only weekend game against Concordia.

The first quarter started off strong for the Kodiaks and they dominated in the first quarter with a score of 24-14. The team kept up the hard work in the second quarter highlighting their defensive play. By the end of the second quarter the Kodiaks had an 11 point lead.

“In the second half we didn’t execute our offence. Concordia dictated the pace of the game and it was the pace of the game that they wanted to play instead of ours and we just sat back and watched them take the game away from us,” said head coach Avery Harrison.

Concordia stepped up in the third quarter to tie the score at 48.

“In the second half we just sat back, we weren’t as tough on offence. We kina laid back and just passed the ball around when we should have been driving and going to the basket to score,” said guard Lindsey Pierson.

In the last period Concordia dominated and the final score was 67-58 in favour of Concordia.

“Right now we need to go back to the drawing board as far as work ethic. We didn’t work hard enough in the second half and I’m not happy with our effort at all,” said Harrison.

Lindsey Pierson took home the ACAC player of the game award on Friday night.

“I’m pretty pleased with myself, you always feel like you can push a little bit harder... I did what I could, tried to pass the ball around, shoot, and drive,” said Pierson.

There are a few things the women have to work on in order to prepare for their game next weekend against Augustana.

“We have to work on playing a much more disciplined game and I wasn’t happy with our hustle and our defensive rotations. If we don’t work on those we have a long Saturday night,” said Harrison.

Defence is also something the Kodiaks are looking to work on for future games.

“We laid back way too much, we need to work on our defence, penetration, and things like that,” said Pierson.

“Communication is not usually a problem. Today we lacked a bit in communication but usually we’re a pretty good team together.”

Augustana will host the next game for the women on Feb. 11.