Your choice in academic programs at Lethbridge College is almost endless.  Check out the various options available; if you can’t find it here we’d be surprised.

2+2 Transfer

One area of academic programming that seems to be of particular interest to student athletes is the pursuit of a four-year degree.  At Lethbridge College we can get you off to a great start with the first two years of most degree programs.  The transition from high school to post-secondary education is a challenge for many; taking the first two years at a college, with smaller classes, often leads to greater success.


The rules of eligibility in the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association are quite detailed.  The basics you need to know now are:

  • you have five years of eligibility
  • you must carry at least 9 credit hours per term
  • you must pass 18 credit hours in an academic year
  • you are required to maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better.