2015 KODI's

On Monday April 13, 2015 the success of the Lethbridge College Kodiaks 2014-15 season in the ACAC  and CCAA was recognized and celebrated at the KODI's awards night. The basketball teams won national medals and provincial banners.  Brad Karren was honored with the ACAC South Coach of the Year.  The indoor track men's team won a provincial title, as well as both the men's and women's team medaling.  The golf team dominated, including picking up golfer of the year in both genders along with individual and team medals. The cross-country women’s team won a national bronze medal.  Provincially they competed strongly with numerous medals.  The women's soccer team qualified for provincials for the first time in 8 years.  The men’s volleyball team, made up of mainly first-year Kodiaks, went on an engaging playoff run, led by coach Ian Bennett who was honored with ACAC coach of the year and nominated for the CCAA coach of the year award.

The following awards were handed out:


Outstanding Team Award

The team which best exemplifies the three pillars of Kodiaks Athletics (academic accountability, athletic excellence and student athlete experience)

Recipient - The women’s soccer team.

Tim Tollestrup Leadership/Athlete of the Year Award

Which honored the male and female Kodiak who best represents academic accountability, athletic excellence and the student athlete experience

Male Recipient - Kai Hesthammer (men’s volleyball)

Female Recipient - Mikaela York (women’s cross country and track)

Kodiaks Coach of the Year award

Which recognizes the coach who used the three pillars to build, guide and commit to his or her team to success both on and off the court or field

Recipient - Ian Bennett (men’s volleyball)

Best Championships Performance by a Team

To recognize that performance which defied the odds, separated our team from the rest and will not be forgotten

Recipient - The men’s basketball team’s performance in the ACAC gold medal game

Best Upset Award

To recognize the game or performance when the Kodiaks earned a win that seemed almost impossible to pull off

Recipient - The men’s basketball team when it defeated the number one team in the country on its way to earning the CCAA bronze medal.

Best Comeback of the Year Award

To recognize the Kodiaks comeback win that showed the kind of “never say never” attitude of a true Kodiaks team

Recipient - The women’s basketball team in the CCAA National Championships semifinal. The team went on a 14-0 run with less than two minutes to play and came back to upset the second-ranked Holland College and earn a spot in the national championship game.

John Jasiukewicz Award
Honouring a female and male basketball player who best exemplified everything that former Kodiaks Head Basketball coach stood for.
Female Recipient – Emma Lowry
Male Recipient – Chaz Johnson

Alvin Tietz/Knud Peterson Award
Awarded to the Women’s Soccer player who shows leadership on and off the pitch.
Recipients: Emily Godfrey and Kayla Keech

Kane Baker Award
Awarded to the Golf Team member that committed to being a complete player for the Golf program.
Recipient: Justin Wood

Gerry and Brian Stewart Memorial Award for Cross Country Running
Awarded to the CC runner that through their commitment and dedication honours the Stewart family.
Recipient: Rachel McKenzie (Cross Country) and Alex Harding (Track)

Kodiaks Athletics Team Pillar Award Recipients

*Every program recognizes three Kodiaks that best exemplify each of the Kodiaks Athletics Pillar Awards

Pillar Award – honouring that Kodiak that best represents Academic Accountability, Athletic Excellence and the player Experience.
Most Outstanding Player – honouring the Kodiak that had an amazing season and did what it took to lead their team.
Newcomer of the Year – that new Kodiak that made the biggest impact both on and off the court.
Awarded based on time of season and completion

Pillar – Justin Wood
Most Outstanding Player – Lisa Reid

Women’s Soccer
Pillar – Alex Hayes
Most Outstanding Player – Emily Godfrey
Newcomer – Lyndee Saler

Men’s Soccer
Pillar – Gordie Entz
Most Outstanding Player – Logan Tataryn
Newcomer – Braydon Jetten

Cross Country
Pillar – Rachel McKenzie
Most Outstanding Player – Edwin Kaitany
Newcomer – Boaz Korir

Indoor Track
Pillar – Caylee Vogel
Most Outstanding Player – Alex Harding
Newcomer – Evan Brown

Women’s Volleyball
Pillar – Brooke French
Most Outstanding Player – Haley Jensen
Newcomer – Lindsey Glas

Men’s Volleyball
Pillar – Nils Reger
Most Outstanding Player – Kai Hesthammer
Newcomer – Dax Whitehead

Men’s Basketball
Pillar – Chris Maughan
Most Outstanding Player – Chaz Johnson
Newcomer – Grady Taylor

Women’s Basketball
Pillar – Emma Lowry
Most Outstanding Player – Ali Cameron
Newcomer – Sunder West

ACAC and CCAA Recognition Awards
ACAC Golfers of the Year – Justin Wood and Lisa Reid
Gold Medals – Justin Wood and Lisa Reid
Silver Medals – John McKiernan and The Men’s Team

Women’s All Conference  – Victoria Poitras
Men’s All Conference – Logan Tataryn

Cross Country
CCAA Bronze Medal – Women’s Team
ACAC Team Silver – Men’s Team
ACAC Team Bronze  – Women’s Team
Gold Medal – Edwin Kaitany
Silver Medal – Boaz Korir
CCAA Silver Medal – Individual – Edwin Kaitany
CCAA First Team All Canadian – Rachel McKenzie and Edwin Kaitany
CCAA  Second Team All Canadians – Mikaela York and Sarah Makowsky

Indoor Track
ACAC Defending Gold Medal Champions – Men’s Track
ACAC Bronze Medal – Women’s Team
Individual Event Gold Medals – Alex Harding – 3, Alex Andres – 2, Caylee Vogel – 1
Individual Event Silver Medals – Caylee Vogel -1, 4X400 Team – 1, Boaz Korir – 1
Individual Event Bronze Medals – Rachel McKenzie – 1, Alex Andres – 1

Men’s Volleyball
ACAC South Rookie of the Year – Kai Hesthammer
ACAC South 2nd Team All Conference – Andres Pires
ACAC South Coach of the Year and CCAA Coach of the Year Nominee – Ian Bennett

Men’s Basketball
CCAA Bronze Medalists
ACAC Gold Medal Champions
ACAC All Conference  and/or All Tournament- Chaz Johnson (Tournament MVP), Chris Maughan and Travis Butt
CCAA Tournament Fair Play Team Award
CCAA All Tournament honours – Chaz Johnson and Travis Butt

Women’s Basketball
CCAA Silver Medalists
ACAC Gold Medal Champions
CCAA All Tournament – Ali Cameron
CCAA Player of the Year – Ali Cameron
ACAC All Conference and/or Tournament  – Ali Cameron (Tournament MVP), Emma Lowry
ACAC South Rookie of the Year – Sunder West
ACAC South Coach of the Year – Brad Karren

CCAA Academic All Canadians
Lisa Reid – Women’s Golf
Justin Wood – Men’s Golf
Emma Lowry – Women’s Basketball
Kai Hesthammer – Men’s Volleyball
Honorary – Rachel McKenzie, Mikaela York and Sarah Makowsky (Women’s Cross Country)